Gifting and rewarding solutions

Improve customer and employee retention.

Modern businesses reward+retain with delightful experiences and gifts whilst reducing waste.

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From push to pull.  Instead of sending random rewards and gifts, modern brands empower customers, prospects and employees to choose their preferred gifts and materials from your selection. 

Surprise and delight.

We help you create surprising, personalised gifting and rewarding campaigns for your employees, prospects and customers.

Stop producing unwanted crap.

Giveaways that become throwaways? Sam helps you to create a list of items the recipients can choose from. No more waste.

Return to your investment.

Marketing that doesn't create an impact is just a waste of money and the environment. We help you make gifting measurable.

Delight and deliver with Magic Link Campaigns

Create gifting or reward campaigns.

Let your customers, VIPs, prospects, brand ambassadors and employees choose gifts and rewards themselves!

With unique, one-off Magic Links Campaigns they are able to select and order physical or digital gifts, gift cards or donations from the selection you define. 

This allows them to select exactly what they need with the right amounts and sizes. 3x win. For your brand, people and the planet.

Improved customer and employee retention

Build stronger connections.

We help your brand to get noticed with gifting campaigns that can be sent automatically from our platform or by using your own channels; in-game, WhatsApp, email you name it.

This and the personalised Magic Link pages give your customers, prospects, and employees the personal touch they deserve. No matter where they are located.

Managing the backend processes for you.

We handle order fulfilment and shipping too.

If you like, our 3PL logistic partners can handle order fulfilment, packing and shipping on your behalf. Only thing you need to do is to sit back and relax. 

Samsalabim. Want to hear more?

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Our lovely COO Puja would love to jump on a quick video call or meet over a coffee to tell you more. Contact him via phone +358 50 407 5125 or email at 

Here's more good stuff. Four is more right? 

01 — Measure the impact of your gifts

Measure the impact of your customer, prospect, brand ambassador or employee gifts. See how they impact customer retention, closing a sale or employee happiness. 

02 — Create Magic Link campaigns for different tiers

Create tiers or groups for campaigns, so that only the right people can see the right gifts and have the right budgets. If needed, you can also set approval flows to keep more control.

03 — Outsource logistics and shipping

With our partners, we can help you outsource the collecting, packing and shipping of gift sending. So that you can focus on things that add more value to your business than organising logistics.

04 — Fully customisable gifts

With other providers, you typically can choose gifts from their selection. With Sam and the Brand, you can bring all your physical or digital items, gift cards or donation options and allow recipients even customise them.

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"They’ve been very fast to build new technological solutions and have saved us a lot of time whilst delighting our loyal customers nicely."

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