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Take care of your physical brand materials. Digitally.

Smart brand marketing means less wasted products and no storing and shipping hassle.

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Sam and the Brand allow brand and retail marketers to centralise and simplify brand management and campaign material distribution.

Get two extra days per month.

We've realised brand marketers typically spend up to 2-3 days each month with non-productive tasks. We aim to change that.

Stop producing unwanted crap.

Giveaways that become throwaways? Sam helps you collect the right quantities and validate the demand before production.

Return to your investment.

Marketing that doesn't create an impact is just a waste of money and the environment. We help you make things more measurable.

Simplified brand material management

All brand and marketing materials are in one place.

We connect to your suppliers and warehouses and empower you to manage and distribute all your materials easily. Suddenly, ordering and delivery processes become very simple.

Delight and deliver with Magic Links

Delight your customers and reduce waste.

Let your customers and retailers choose for themselves!

With unique and expiring Magic Links your customers, brand ambassadors or even retailers are able to order your branded items from a selection you define. 

This allows them to select exactly what they need with the right amounts and sizes. You will be able to better estimate demand and optimise order quantities. Win-win. For people and the planet.

Capture data and improve processes

Measure the impact of your marketing materials.

Sam displays order history and analytics so that you can see what items move, who's ordering what and where, and how many items you have in stock.

We will also help you add carbon footprint values to your physical marketing products and packaging so that you can reach your future zero carbon targets.

Here's more good stuff. Four is more right? 

01 — Keep your brand consistent everywhere

Your brand is perhaps your most valuable single asset. Sam keeps your items on-brand by listing your newest brand updates and making sure no one uses an outdated creative.

02 — Manage users and groups and tiers

Create tiers or groups for users or branded items, so that only the right people can view and order the right materials. If needed, you can also set approval flows to keep more control.

03 — Stock, order and carbon footprint data

Track your stock levels and most ordered items. Measure your carbon footprint and the impact of your marketing. Key data for your sales, your brand and the environment.

04 — Integrate to create powerful workflows

We help you integrate our solution into your ERP, third-party logistics or CRM systems to automate processes and keep data consistent.

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Case Wolt

"Scaling to +20 countries wouldn't have been possible without Sam."

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