Look no further than Finnish startup extraordinaire Yeply which is bringing mobile bike repair and maintenance services to a location near you.

Yeply is a Helsinki-based startup founded in 2016 that is taking Europe’s bicycle maintenance industry by storm. As they grow, ensuring their customer and brand experience is seamless in all their locations is a must. Read on to find out how they bring their A-game across Europe and do it sustainably, too:

Two mates who wanted to revolutionise an industry

Yeply’s story starts with founders and childhood buddies Tommi Särkkinen and Antti Känsälä who noticed that the traditional brick-and-mortar way of repairing bicycles was riddled with pain points.

Bike mechanics passionate about their craft at times misunderstand the needs of the everyday bicycle owner. Also, with repair shops often located in remote corners of the city and open only during the day, many with 9 to 5 jobs have difficulty getting their bicycles repaired – especially on short notice. 

“We want to look professional and ensure that our customers always receive the consistent, stellar service they deserve."

With sustainability, people’s well-being and urbanisation being megatrends worldwide, Tommi and Antti wanted to find a solution that would cater to the average cyclist and also encourage people to turn to sustainable alternatives for their city commutes.

“We founded Yeply with the understanding that bike owners deserved better maintenance services. We felt that we had the means of giving the bicycle repair industry a good facelift”, Tommi describes how things got started.

What started as a pilot project in the Helsinki capital region quickly morphed into the Yeply service concept: a mobile bicycle maintenance and repair service, helping both private customers and businesses get their bikes back into mint condition. 

Now, Yeply has expanded its operations to Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and soon the UK.

Keeping things consistent – from Amsterdam to Helsinki 

With their operations spanning the length of Europe, and Yeply mechanics servicing over 100 cities in Germany alone, Yeply recognised the challenge of keeping their customer service and brand experience consistent and smooth.

''Currently, we have 60 bike mechanics and very soon we’ll have hundreds! We want to look professional and ensure that our customers always receive the consistent, stellar service they deserve”, says Tommi.

As a company that is rapidly growing and expanding, Yeply needs to at times order hundreds of t-shirts and other garments in one go, to clothe their mechanics and operations team and ensure they make it to multiple locations. Doing this manually and via email gets pretty complicated as their headcount increases.

Yeply founders Antti and Tommi

Yeply founders Antti and Tommi started the mobile bike service in 2016.

With the help of Sam and the Brand software, Yeply can order everything from work clothes to tents and deliver the tiptop service they are famous for anywhere they operate. Now, all Yeply’s city managers need to do is log into a single software and everything can be ordered through Sam and the Brand’s supplier network. 

“This saves us time and simplifies processes. Our employees can deliver the same Big Mac, no matter the location”, Tommi describes the consistency of their customer experience.

A greener way of doing business

At Yeply, everything comes down to sustainability and taking responsibility as a business in ensuring a better tomorrowThis also means thinking about the lifecycle of their promotional products. After all, everything from the clothes to the marketing material they order for their business will eventually turn into trash.

“This is something everyone should be thinking about. At Yeply, we want to make sure that everything we order is sustainably and ethically sourced and manufactured and can be recycled after use”, Tommi emphasises.

With a mission centred around bringing green alternatives to the market, finding a branded asset partner who matches these values and is also invested in sustainability throughout their supply chain is a no-brainer. Sam and the Brand fit the bill.

"Sam and the Brand also hypes the sustainability angle and supports our values”, condenses Tommi,

"As a startup, things develop quickly. We have an open line of communication with Sam and the Brand, which is valuable as we grow. They bring everything, even complex things, under one roof. They’re really nice folks and it’s fun to work with them.”

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