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Saving time and nerves with retail marketing

Handling physical retail and promotional marketing can be a time-sucking vacuum where hours of work can get lost. A consumer electronic giant, Xiaomi, has tackled this with digital processes.

Xiaomi is a global consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with fantastic products from smartphones to vacuum cleaners.  Since 2021, Xiaomi has been working with Sam and the Brand to improve physical retail asset management and to streamline and optimise retail marketing. 

Xiaomi’s Finnish retail and marketing teams have created a portfolio of branded products from point-of-sale materials, and retail paper bags to the sales rep and ambassador merchandise like hoodies, caps and phone accessories.


“At Xiaomi, we have many great retail partners we collaborate in the Nordics. Providing them with the right marketing assets, sales and training materials helps them to elevate and promote our brand and accelerate sales.

That's where Sam’s service has been fantastic. Their digital tool and partner warehouse service helps our team to manage brand assets, order and distribute our brand assets.“
— Ari Makowski, Retail Manager at Xiaomi


Orders from suppliers on-demand and from a warehouse

With Sam and the Brand's digital platform, Xiaomi's marketing and sales team in the Nordics can automatically see all current marketing and promotional items, and place orders directly to the right locations from multiple suppliers and warehouses. Streamlining processes and eliminating waste. 

"One of the best things with the system is that we can also ask our retailer's feedback and demand for marketing items. It helps us make them succeed whilst reducing the waste of unwanted items" Xiaomi's Retail Manager Ari continues.

"With this service we save time, money and nerves every week. I don’t have to be the bottleneck of handling marketing collateral orders. All I have to do is press enter and simsalabim, brand assets are delivered to the right retail locations"
— Ari Makowski, Retail Manager at Xiaomi



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